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Raptor photography

Raptors - birds of prey and owls - make excellent subjects for photography, and at Honeybank we have the resources and expertise to cater for all levels of photographers on our photographic days.

We run photography events throughout the year, designed for photographers of all ages (from 14 years) and all levels of experience.  No matter what level you are at, our events will provide unique opportunities to photograph - up close, and in a controlled environment - a wide range of rare and beautiful birds of prey (eagles, falcons, hawks etc.) and owls.

On our events, everyone gets the opportunity to shoot both inside, in a studio setting with suitable backdrops, and/or outdoors, where there are many natural backgrounds and areas to give your photographs that little bit extra; some birds can even be photographed while flying.  Participants will be given natural history information on the raptors, by the professional animal handler in attendance at all times, helping photographers get better photo opportunities when in the field.

We run three different styles of event; Enthusiast, Club and Professional

An enthusiastic group of photographers


Aimed at the photographer who knows what he/she wants, this event has a maximum of ten participants.  A professional handler will accompany the students throughout the event, ensuring the health and safety of all concerned, while also ensuring that the birds are presented in a manner which will allow unforgettable photographs to be taken.  No commercial usage of the images taken on this event is allowed.


Designed specifically for camera clubs, this event is limited to members of that club, who will be given exclusive use of our facilities for the duration of the event.  Accompanied by a professional handler, participants will be able to photograph a unique selection of raptors, both in a studio setting and outdoors.  No commercial usage of the images taken on this event is allowed.

Filming an Owl


For the proficient professional photographer who wishes to use his/her photographs for commercial purposes, this event is a must.  Only one participant is allowed on this event on any one day, and the photographer will be given exclusive access to all of the raptors here at Honeybank, including very young birds in the incubation room, where applicable.  Accompanied by a professional animal hander throughout the event, to ensure the birds are presented at their best, the professional will get shots that will sell time and time again.

We also have a wide selection of other animals

Tailor-made events

We can put together specific events designed for photographers to allow them to photograph our birds and/or our other animals, which include rodents, reptiles, amphibia and invertebrates.

Our events are purpose built to ensure that you are able to realise the particular pictures your require.

Please contact us for more details and prices